Star Trader Course by meir park Review - A Forex Trading Mentor

Meir Barak is an Israeli-American hedge-fund manager. He is currently head mentor and author of The Day After Currency Strategy, best selling trading book, and also a leading Wall Street analyst who regularly appear on TV and in various financial media. He started Tradenet in 2020 as a service for some online investors, later changing it into an online trading platform. He is the company's chief executive officer. He has an MBA and CFA from Harvard University and has been involved in financial advisory positions with investment banks since he was a young man. He holds a number of senior executive manager roles.

What exactly is a self-study plan? Barak designed this program to provide people wanting to get involved with the Forex markets, with a blueprint to follow that has been verified by his trading experience. He calls it a "self-study" approach to trading because you are not being funded to trade in real time using real money, rather you are being taught how to trade using a simulated capital structure. You are permitted to use fictional funds to conduct your trades. You are able to stop your trading at any time to return to the markets and make a profit if you choose.

The Day After Currency Strategy was created through a series of workshops and videos. The idea was to provide Barak with a trading strategy that was based on the strategies he applied in his day job as a trader for years. What makes this trading strategy so special is that it applies to virtually every currency pair, as well as being applicable to CFD trading. As he puts it, anyone can become a successful trader of foreign exchange using this Day After Currency Strategy. The book does not recommend that you go out and actually spend a lot of money on a trading course, because that would be a false economy and make you think that there is no work involved in learning how to trade.

Instead, what the author wants you to do is simply to review the contents of the Day After Currency Strategy and obtain a set of Forex strategies and practice them in order to see what they do to affect the results you want from the markets. The author knows that most FX trading courses and even many day trading education programs will not cover the contents in this highly effective guide. This is a high quality product that is a must have for any serious FX investor. As a side note, the price of the Forex Professional program is cheaper than many of the other forex courses being sold right now.

Meir Barak

The second reason why the author recommends the Day After Currency Strategy is because it is the first comprehensive binary options training product. I've been involved in forex trading for more than five years and have tried almost every single trading system and method to make me consistent profits. None of them made me profitable consistently over a long period of time. However, this trading system was the one that taught me everything I needed to know about binary options and trading with the leverage that is required. It basically unlocked the real secrets of profitable binary options trading by providing me with the exact methods of executing good financial decisions using leverage that only a few people know.

The author, meir park, is also a successful binary broker as he has been trading binary options since 2020. The author's background is in finance and investment banking. What he does is that he puts together all of his financial expertise and translates all of his findings into easy to understand English so that anyone can easily understand. In addition to that, he is also an active participant on the forex forum so that he can discuss any problems or questions that you may have. This is just a small list of the reasons why I think this forex trading guide is a must have for all successful traders. For the detailed trading platform, go with the Day After Currency Traders Forex Platinum review.

I have personally tried out a lot of the binary brokers so far, including MegaDroid and FAP Turbo. I found that the one trading system that did not take advantage of leverage was MegaDroid. I am still learning the intricacies of this trading robot, so I do not claim to be a master when it comes to binary broker systems. However, with the help of the meir park's Star Trader Course, I learned to implement some of the more effective trading strategies that I was missing out on when I used my hands-on method of trading.

I encourage you to check out his other educational material, including the weekly mentorship where he mentors a new trader everyday for one week. You will definitely learn a lot from this forex trading strategy guide. To learn more about meir park's binary trading strategies, like I did, you can visit the forex demo account he started using so you can practice using his automated tools while you also build your skills. The most important thing is that you are able to use only profitable trading strategies that will give you consistent profits so you have the confidence to start implementing your own forex trading strategy that you developed on your own based on the strategies and methods discussed in this forex trading guru's forex investing guide.

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